Friday, 16 November 2018

At the epicenter of a nation in Motion - Maha Parva of choices

The last line of the poem “Invictus” (the Latin word meaning victorious) by English poet William Ernest Henley reads “I am the master of my fate.” Henley was a man who greatly believed that no matter what life threw at him, he was going to make a choice steer his destiny in the direction he wanted ,similarly any civilization or nation has to make those choices and its the future generations which will bear the benefits or consequences of the same.

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the nation in 1933 over radio an entire nation listened and followed its leader for over an decade - be it war or a financial depression.

Its a choice a country makes or its citizens and so we have a choice to make in less than a year.

The next few chapters are a pre text to the story of country in motion book - A clinical perspective of contemporary and mythological characters and instances

In this chapter of  Maha Parva  we look at few characters of epic Mahabharata and their contemporary comparison and context

1. What if Bheeshma had not taken the vow of lifelong Brahmacharya

2. What if Kunti had revealed the secret of Karna ?

3. What if king Dhritarashtra had followed Dharma and stopped his beloved son from taking the wrong path 

and the list goes on ....

its all about choices you make which pivots the direction in which the story goes ...

People have conditions and reasoning for the choices they make .Bheeshma did it in the name of love for his father and nation ,Kunti in the name of   protecting her dignity .

The consequences has to be faced by them and sometimes by the next generations.

In the great Epic it ended with the "Silence of a War"

As Krishna says to Arjuna " He is a fool who practises truth without knowing the difference between truth and falsehood"

Mahatma Gandhi was one contemporary World leader who was effective in making his choices .
His dream of a large scale socio political reform where every body shared concern for the poor before a country gets its Independence is one such case .Weather it became a reality is anybody's guess but idea is still in the right perspective .

That is  what successful nations and civilizations do - uplift the poor which starts with a concern for the same.

Its all about the small choices we make and not all of us make great things but can we do those small things with great love as the great Mother told ...

Karna in Mahabharata is one enigma who did this but again,was his life difficulties Karna's choice?

lets talk about this in the next chapter of Maha Parva !

till then

ಸುರಪಸಭೆಯಲಿ ಗಾಧಿಸುತ ವಸಿಷ್ಠ ಸ್ಪರ್ಧೆ ।
ಧರೆಯೊಳದರಿಂ ಹರಿಶ್ಚಂದ್ರಂಗೆ ತಪನೆ ।।
ಬರುವುದಿಂತೆತ್ತಣಿನೊ ಬೇಡದ ಪ್ರಾರಬ್ಧ ।
ಕರುಮಗತಿ ಕೃತ್ರಿಮವೊ ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮ ।।

                     --- The way of Karma is devious indeed

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Tampering the GentleMan's Game -Not being a " Stitha Pragna"

A person who maintain's his balance in the sorrowful situation and also happy situations and the one who is not affected by desire ,jealousy  etc is called "Stitha Pragna" according to Bhagavad Geeta and I  draw parallel's to the Gentlemen's game where  it is all about witnessing the character shown by individuals along with their skill set .

When Former Prime Minister of Australia once said Australian Cricked Team Captain is the most important person in Australia it says a lot of how people Down Under take their cricket.

The Ball Tampering was a  very minor topic in the bigger scheme of scandals and fixing allegations that goes around in Cricket .
But the point was not about Ball Tampering this time around but about a Australian Cricket Captain revered as the next Sir Don Bradman being at the center of controversy .

What was expected of Steve Smith was to show some qualities of "Stitha Pragna" .He is good enough to come back in a year's time ,his tears will definitely melt hearts in Australia but this will be a scar that will be part of his career .

Probably Steve Smith never was destined to be a Sir Don Bradman or have a Dravid  like career.

Dravid was an epitome of  what the GentleMan's game was all about be it winning or losing  .Records are made to be broken and forgotten too.But it is the way you have carried your career that will stand the test of time.

Desire to win is less important than the way you win.Hope to see Steve Smith right in time for 2019 WC ! Cricket Australia has got the timing right this time too !

                 There is a dignity attached to winning a game or losing it .
                                         Either ways ....
                                                                    Life As It Is ...
                                                                                         Continues !!!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Marichike !

ನೀ ಕಂಡ ಕನಸಿಗೆ ನಾ ಮರೀಚಿಕೆ ಯಾದೆ
ನಿನ್ನ ಹೃದಯದ ಬೆಳಕಿಗೆ ನಾ ಬಿಂಬವಾಡೇ
ನನ್ನ ಜೀವದ ಉಸಿರಿಗೆ ನೀ ನಂದಾ ದೀಪವಾದೀ
ನಿಮ್ಮ ಪ್ರೀತಿಯ ಪವನ್ 😝

Saturday, 7 January 2017

A look back @ India – Work in Progress Society

We were still getting used to Mahi Maar Raha Hai… And he leaves in his own terms ...

In  India Cricketers and Filmstars are the people who are celebrated and revered and they are the distraction who provide that necessary happiness also in someway.

Especially if someone is a Rags to riches story and especially people whom you can relate to.

We had the Angry young man movies of the 70’s or the  one Sachin in the 90’s who was accountable to an entire nation .We were a patient  society still during those days even if the team was not performing well or there were not as many jobs or a booming economy like now .

Probably Media was also information/content  driven then.

One Software success story or one depressing story cannot be a method to judge a country which according to me is still a work in progress.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter have either become a social status where you are pressurized to comment on every major incident happening around you irrespective of your expertise on the topic of discussion .

Or it is the future is something the society needs to think and answer.

Indian democracy needs to be celebrated post its independence for the progression we have done especially in the previous decade and we also need to understand it is still a work in progress.

As a society our impatience to react to events happening around us needs to be constructive criticism not a judgement .Let us leave the judgment to the Judiciary to do as they recently did in case of BCCI tussle and many other cases as well.

Rather than asking is Bangalore a safe place for women and creating fear in the people ,focus should be on improving  the situation and not being judgmental about the city itself. Any culture or society or even civilizations were not built in a day .

As I said before it is a work in progress still…

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was celebrated Indian cricketer with a difference .There was aggression in his work not in his behavior .Something that the current generation of social media lovers could learn. In a country mesmerized by Sachin’s legend ,here was a

Cricketer who left his own stamp of legacy behind with the sense of confidence that he gave to millions of people when a cricket match was in a tight situation .Watching an India team in a major tournament was a less pressure job now and “Mahi Maar Raha Hai “

Was a a common synonym .For those non cricket lovers or fans in India ,the fans are under  more pressure than the players playing especially if it’s a major tournament and we are a society which loves it.

Cricket has indeed been the common thing which unites the country irrespective of religion or caste.

But as Dhoni relinquishes his captaincy from all forms of the game one major aspect that a celebrated cricketer has brought about in people of the country is everybody knows this is how he plays it .

The “Nation Doesn't want to know “ why now and there are no heartbreaks…

We are not intolerant society ,neither are we a reactive one .We are a work in progress society and members of a celebrated Republic established by the sacrifice of our founding fathers…

As I end the post the biggest respect and gratitude we offer Dhoni for giving us joy happiness and pride is by celebrating his decision to move on …

                                                           And  as I always say to my readers….    Life Goes On….

Thursday, 29 December 2016

D3 - Dangal Demonetization and Dalal Street -"The" review

Is it about the journey or is it about being the winner. Does that mean demonetization has to yield 100% result in 50 days for judging the current govenrment's stand on it .
How is Dangal making so much money inspite of this .Aamir Khan is no economist to have foreseen it .
Everybody has a view point and so does the Dalal Street !

 Let me talk about Dangal the movie rather the economics around it !

Dangal starts where Sultan ends ... top notch acting ,screen play and storyline and a great movie experience with Geeta and Babita stealing the show inspite of Aamir in it .

Mahavir Singh Phogat  mentors his children to become top international players . Whether he is doing it by forcing his dream and ambition of wiining gold  or analyzing it as his ego is something that  critics are doing to fill  their columns might not be the right way to look at it

Here is a family who had to undergo lot of hardship and go against the norm to achieve something which was never done .Should we be complaining it as  being glorified or dramatized  in the movie . Would  a bigger audiance watched the movie if it was not a Aamir Khan movie  or without elements of fiction in it ?

At the end of the day dont blame the makers for few misses in the story from reality .They can give a social message but cannot do social service with a movie .It is a commercial cinema and be happy a Bollywood Superstar had the conviction to take the story and present it on screen.Its a commercial cinema with a message and that's it.

It does sends a message but cannot implement it .There are other institutions and government who would have to do that job.

So take your Popcorn and sit and enjoy the movie and dont miss the climax .There is something there for Corporate Leadership there. You need to give away the limelight sometimes .It is not always about you being there  even if you are Aamir Khan and doesnt he steal the show even in a climax he gives a miss or did he not !

Finally  Demonetization is a initiative that needs support not criticism irrespective of the political party one supports  .We have waited for more than 60 years as a country to develop ,so let us not count be it 50 days or 100 days .Its a bold and good initiative and will take time .

Let us not make it an intitative which no one dare takes for the upliftment of the country in future.

Finally  i am not sure if Dalal Street is smiling but Dangal team is definitely smiling and so be the rest of the country


Monday, 29 August 2016

The Eternal ambiguity of controlling user data - The value perspective ...Did I WhatsApp this !

Firstly thanks for the overwhelming response for the previous post .I am humbled indeed with the
mail responses I have got.I have tried to reply to most of them , pardon me if I have missed replying to anyone .

A different taste for my readers today with respect to topic - No Philosophy ,No reviews and No marketing of  business either which I any ways don't do here !This is strictly a personal blog for

"Life As It Is" readers .

So what has WhatsApp done for itself.Has it created a sense of insecurity with its users or its business as usual and people will "always" forget it after sometime.Do they don't know their data is already public !

 What WhatsApp missed here was it created insecurity by creating the ambiguity .It is one thing to be diplomatic in one way ,but when it comes to topics of privacy you need to come out clean.
So did they miss the trick?

When you make comments like sharing user  data for  "Other Purposes",its not about being politically incorrect here.

You are simply loosing the trust of the user.

User trust is more important than user data and the philosophy of the company should always focus on that .

Business is an outcome of that trust . Sustainability of business relies only on this point .

Is there a solution for this user controlled privacy ? Well, wait for my next post where I  will Go Bezirk on the same ! Maybe in some other forum...

Till then ...
                                                                                  LiFe As It Is Continues...


Friday, 12 August 2016

The Country of Billion People and the Olympic Dilemma !

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”, so says the line in Secret Garden !

I still believe its all about perspectives ! Oh a country of Billion ask many people and yet not many medals in Olympics  !So should we be winning a Billion Gold Medals?
There are reasons for everything and also for this.
India got its Independence 69 years ago to be precise (in another 2 days) and we have come a long way in all aspects .The country has been on an incremental curve especially after the Liberation of economy in 1991 in a fairy exponential way .
Exposure to most of the Olympic sports and the physical fitness preparedness is not developed and it needs its own processes and infrastructure support.

One can counter argue saying even small  African nations go ahead and win Gold medals.What facility and infrastructure they have ?There is always one Usain Bolt and we also have our own  Sania Mirza and Sania Nehwal  and not to mention the 2 legends in their own fields:  Sachin and Leander Peas .
We will definitely improve and we might not compete and even surpass China like we do in Information Technology but we have improved and the future looks brighter !

The mindset in the people of the country to look up to sports as a professional career should increase rather than making pessimistic comments about the country's talent pool.  This  could be a negative factor for  the next generation of stars.

Yes we still have Cricket as the major sport ,viz we all have grown with that.

Its like asking a North Indian you eat only rotis and south Indian you eat only rice.

Certain things need not change and certain things would change based on circumstances .

Sachin is still the "God of Cricket"and Rajini is still celebrated in an unprecedented way by the young and the old alike when his film releases .

We are a country where we celebrate our fellow countrymen's achievement as our own achievement and lets be proud of it!

There is a transition period for everything and we are slowing transitioning towards in a good fashion in many areas .

Yes, there are infrastructure issues ,corruption etc.But there are different problems every where in the world.

Its a nice fashion even for so called socialites to comment on  it ,but we should truly be proud that there is a Deepa Karmakar and an Indian among very few in the World who can do Produnova.

Let us celebrate and appreciate the moment and I am glad I could take 3 women as examples of excellence which itself shows the fact we have progressed from being a Male dominated country .

So the " Acche Din" of Indian Olympics might  not be far away and that might be the
                                                       "Tryst with Destiny"

                                                  Till then  Life As It Is continues ....